The Cedar Hill Golf Club offers a junior program for girls and boys. The Cedar Hill Golf Course offers lessons and programs for children of all ages. The programs are delivered by CPGA professionals and recognize the individual needs of each child.

The programs include various competitions at Cedar Hill Golf Course and other courses in Victoria and the surrounding area. These include the Lyle Crawford Junior Open, a popular tournament hosted by the Cedar Hill Juniors. The hard work of the Junior Program Committee and volunteers makes this a very successful event. Other junior competitions include the Jake Logie, Claude Barlow, Doug Gallop, and Al Davies tournaments.

The Cedar Hill Junior Program not only assists with the development of golf skills, but also teaches leadership, courtesy, proper appearance, kindness, etiquette, and sportsmanship. Junior members are encouraged to set an example for their peers at all events, whether at Cedar Hill or junior golf events around BC.

The club looks forward to welcoming new junior golfers. This year, membership in Cedar Hill Golf Club is free. Juniors can purchase a green-fee playing pass from Saanich for the low rate of $250. Visit the Saanich website to purchase.